Thursday, July 9, 2015

Political Correct Police

Who are these people who claim to be the political correct police, I want there names,
I want to see there IDs. Who voted these people into an nonexistent office, and why
does the media give them any airtime or paper space? These people are a very small
minority of the far, far left winger not associated with any political party, except the
party of chaos. It seems to be there job to spread division across this land. I for one
am so tired of listening to all the nonsense.
When Pictures from Dylann Roof website was seen by the public, showing him
holding a Confederate flag, the PC police jumped all over it as a symbol of
racism in this country. Then it took on a life of it''s own, Confederate flags were
being band  by Walmart in their stores, the TV show The Dukes of Hazard is taken
off the air because it had a Confederate flag painted on the roof of the car. A call went
out to take down all Confederate flags at all southern state capitals if they fly one.
Now it spread to lets take down all statues of southern Civil War hero's and even
renaming streets. So what could be next for the PC police, lets see, maybe the Texas
State flag as being racist toward Mexicans? I'm not saying that their aren't strong
feelings on both sides of this issue, but what we need is a civil dialog between
apposing parties, with out the PC police working the issue into a frenzy, because that's
what they do. As for myself, and being from the north, I see a war that should have
never been fought, where we lost six hundred and twenty thousand Americans killed,
four hundred and seventy six thousand wounded. So let me ask you a question, what if
Dylann Roof was not holding a Confederate flag, instead he was holding a rainbow flag,
just a thought.



Monday, May 11, 2015

Pipeline questions should be safety

They roll out of the oil fields in Canada and North Dakota, trains of more than 100 cars holding up to 30,000 gallons of oil per car — about 3 million gallons of crude oil.
Pipeline or no pipeline, the oil still flows. The question remains: What is the best way to transport this oil — train or pipeline?
Oil transported by train is not your father’s oil, as the oil from Canada’s oil sands is thick as peanut butter and has to be diluted with natural gas so it can flow, which makes it as volatile as the North Dakota oil which has natural gas in the oil as it comes out of the ground, making it very volatile.
Then there are the railroad tank cars — old and never designed to carry this type of volatile liquid. Now, new cars are being built with thicker walls, but they still can explode in a bad derailment. Oil trains are now limited to 45 mph as they travel around the country, through rural country sides, small towns and large, populated areas.
Over many years, we have had major oil train accidents:
• In Cherry Valley, Ill., June 2009, 13 cars carrying ethanol ignited, causing one death and $7.4 million in damages.
• In Aliceville, Ala., November 2013, 26 cars derailed, releasing 750,000 gals of oil.
• In Casselton, N.D., December 2013, a 106-car train crashed and caught fire, spilling 476,000 gallons of oil, forcing 1,400 residents to evacuate.
• In Lac-Megantic, Quebec, July 2013, a runaway train exploded, killing 47 people and spilling 1 million gallons of crude oil, burning down a quarter of the town’s business district.
• In Lynchburg, Va., April 2014, over a dozen tank cars derailed and three cars fell into the James River; 50,000 gals spilled and burned.
• In Yorktown, W. Va., February 2015, 20 out of 109 tanker cars jumped the tracks and exploded in a huge fireball.
And there have been about three more derailments this year.
The worst scenario is the one that has not happened — yet. There are hundreds of railroad bridges these trains have to pass over that are in need of repair. If one of those bridges gives way, it could be a catastrophe.

Remember the president’s “shovel-ready jobs,” with which the $800-plus trillion stimulus was supposed to help? Well, evidently those jobs turned out to be not so shovel-ready after all.
One of the president’s arguments against the pipeline was that it would only provide 35 full-time jobs, while providing 1,500 part-time jobs. Well, what did they think shovel-ready jobs were? You build a pipeline and when it’s finished you move on to the next job — a railroad bridge, a highway, etc.
Now as far as the pipeline is concerned: One thing a pipeline can’t do is move; the only thing that moves is the oil inside the pipeline so you know where it is at all times.
Could it leak? Yes it could, but the oil can be cut off if there’s a leak. And don’t forget the pipeline still has to be built — about 800 miles of it — and all the safety devices to make sure any leak can be taken care of with minimal damage to the environment.

Bruce Knipp

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jihad Vs The Crusades

I'd  like to show you a video of the difference between the crusades and jihad. This is a
short history lesson on what the world faced then and what we face today. Take note on
how many slaves the jihad took, they were the go to people if you were in the market to
buy slaves, sold many times to many dealers, but they were head dealers. And so it is to
this very day. The jihad murdered innocent people in every sick way the mind could
could conceive of  as a terror weapon, sound familiar.    

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Black Robe Regiment

Black-robe Regiment fighting back again

Published: Friday, November 7, 2014 at 09:02 PM.

To the editor:
It started out slowly, almost unnoticed by most, an after-thought on the nightly news — but sometime during the 1970s the Supreme Court would rule that a Christmas nativity scene on public property was unconstitutional because it violated the First Amendment’s so-called “Establishment clause.”
And so began a downward spiral into the abyss we now find ourselves in today — an assault on anything Christian from the secular and atheist communities.
Over subsequent years, the battle has raged from the serious to the ridiculous: from nativity scenes to words like “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas;” holiday trees replacing Christmas trees; from Easter displays to Bibles, public prayers, The Ten Commandments and crosses; and all the words and depictions that atheists say offends them.
The atheists have won many battles, but the Christians also have a few wins such as the Mojave Desert Cross, the San Diego Cross and the Twin Towers Memorial Cross.
Then there are all the depictions of the Ten Commandments, and Christian statues and plaques that have been taken down, covered up or dragged into dark courthouse basements where they now sit out of sight, but certainly not out of mind and not forgotten — an atheist win, for now.
There was a time in this country when you could pray in schools or at school football games until atheists, aided and abetted by the so-called American Civil Liberties Union, started filing lawsuits against prayer in public places.
In the run up to the American Revolutionary War in 1776, there was a group of pastors speaking out from their pulpits in churches across the colonies, preaching freedom, liberty and independence from the British Crown — the British called them the Black-robe Regiment after the black robes they wore while preaching.
Today, there’s a new Black-robe Regiment forming because of the difficult times in which we find ourselves.
There is a war going on for the very soul of this nation, and over the values that made this nation great. American values are under attack from secularists, atheists, the federal government and activist judges.
The Black-robe Regiment is fighting back with the truth of God’s Word.

Bruce Knipp

Monday, October 27, 2014

Legacy of the U.S.

Legacy of the U.S. needs to be revived

Published: Monday, October 27, 2014 at 01:23 PM.To the editor:
Many younger people today are the children of the information age. With all their computers and smart phones, the Internet at their fingertips and with more information than any people before them in history, it seems they don’t have a clue, that they’re lost in a maze of social media. They seem to lack understanding of where they reside or how they got here or what it took too put them in the position of a free people which they now enjoy.
But this freedom will not last if not nurtured. It will wither and die, lost to the pages of history — a once great people who changed the world with their existence.
Now we appear to have those who don’t have a clue and those who tend to listen only to the revisionist history crowd — you know, the America-is-at-fault-for-all-the-world’s-ills crowd.
This started with our so-called college professors — you know them as the America haters, those who never take responsibilities for their actions and always blame others.
And now this garbage has crawled its way up to the very top, where we are forced to hear speeches that apologize for our country’s actions to countries with no clue of how freedom works.
I would implore those people with all the information at their fingertips to look up this country’s history and why we have nothing for which to apologize. And as you look into the history of this great nation you will find that we are a people from every ethnic group in the world — now known as Americans.
Remember, 238 years ago there was not one nation in the world that was free. This radical idea of a free people running their own country was unheard of. American history is one of the greatest stories in the world. The world would be a very different place if this nation were allowed to die on the vine.

Bruce Knipp

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hatred has been destroyed before

Published: Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at 11:36 AM.

To the editor:
A wise man once said: “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Although history really doesn't repeat itself, there are many similarities to watch out for.
In 1938 the birth of the Nazis, who gave birth to the Muslim Brotherhood, who gave birth to Hezbollah, Hamas, AL-Qaeda and groups such as ISIS and Boko Haram — and you thought all the Nazis were dead and gone.
You are now looking at the new Nazi Party. And what do the old Nazis and the new Nazis have in common? They hate Jews, the West, Christians and other Muslims and especially democracies.
Mix Nazism with the Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi sect — which may be more of a cult than a religion — and what you have here is pure evil masquerading as religion.
The late Osama bin Laden was Wahhabi; his second in command was Ayman AL Zawahri came from the Muslim Brotherhood.
Just as in Germany the Nazi Party was small compared to the German population; it’s also true with these Muslim groups — they are small but lethal.
I know that most Americans are sick of fighting wars in the Middle East but sometime in the near future we are going to have to fight this evil just like we did once before — either that, or go out and buy yourself a Quran and convert to Islam; but even that may not help in the long run.
With our southern border being wide open, they are already here.

Bruce Knipp

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Corruption, drugs fuel border crisis

As thousands of children come streaming across our southern border from Honduras,
Guatemala and El Salvador many of our citizens are asking why is this happening?
The short answer is those three countries are not really countries anymore, there
just criminal enterprises masquerading themselves as governments who are in
competition with gangs like "maras"-18, MS-13, drug cartels, and human traffickers.
With children being intimidated at school by the gang members to join the gangs or
else, with girls forced to be part of the gangs and getting rape                                                              
You can see why the parents would pay to get their children out of the country
with one of the highest murder rates of any in the world. Well folks lets follow
the money, just like criminals everywhere, they have figured another way to make illegal
money. Help plant stories in the news that all children that make it across the US border
can stay. All the above is true and all the children that do make it here are the lucky one,
because many have been abused and killed on the way here. As children flood one part
of the border drugs coming in at another part of the boarder, Mexican officials are
taking bribes and helping to vacillate the travel through there country to our border. So
there are many mothers with small children, but there are also few families, husbands
and wife's.There are many teens and many of them maybe gang members. And have
you noticed that once again its the faith based communities that have come to the aid of
the children, volunteering their time and money. Unlike some far left groups who are giving
lip service to this problem by saying let them all stay. Well the children will not be in their
towns or their schools and you will not find any of these people down on the border
helping out. And if you think your political party will gain votes in the future, if you let these
people stay, then you should also take credit for all the the dead and abused children
left some where in the desert in shallow graves so you can keep your jobs in congress
or the senate. Its time we stop giving money to all these countries around the world,
we'er are not buying friends, you don't pay people to be your friend. Now if you what
to stop a lot of this stuff from going on, it can be done and it won't cost us a thin dime,
just stop using drugs, stop getting high, stop snorting stuff up your nose, stop sticking
needles in your arm, stop popping pills. So all you drug takers and
drug dealers along with the politicians can count your money over the bodies of dead
children because you all now own this. Here's an idea, and its all voluntary, all the
people who came from these countries and had the good life since coming here should
volunteer to go back to there country of origin and change that government so the
people there could also have a good life without coming here.

Bruce Knipp