Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hatred has been destroyed before

Published: Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at 11:36 AM.

To the editor:
A wise man once said: “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Although history really doesn't repeat itself, there are many similarities to watch out for.
In 1938 the birth of the Nazis, who gave birth to the Muslim Brotherhood, who gave birth to Hezbollah, Hamas, AL-Qaeda and groups such as ISIS and Boko Haram — and you thought all the Nazis were dead and gone.
You are now looking at the new Nazi Party. And what do the old Nazis and the new Nazis have in common? They hate Jews, the West, Christians and other Muslims and especially democracies.
Mix Nazism with the Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi sect — which may be more of a cult than a religion — and what you have here is pure evil masquerading as religion.
The late Osama bin Laden was Wahhabi; his second in command was Ayman AL Zawahri came from the Muslim Brotherhood.
Just as in Germany the Nazi Party was small compared to the German population; it’s also true with these Muslim groups — they are small but lethal.
I know that most Americans are sick of fighting wars in the Middle East but sometime in the near future we are going to have to fight this evil just like we did once before — either that, or go out and buy yourself a Quran and convert to Islam; but even that may not help in the long run.
With our southern border being wide open, they are already here.

Bruce Knipp

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Corruption, drugs fuel border crisis

As thousands of children come streaming across our southern border from Honduras,
Guatemala and El Salvador many of our citizens are asking why is this happening?
The short answer is those three countries are not really countries anymore, there
just criminal enterprises masquerading themselves as governments who are in
competition with gangs like "maras"-18, MS-13, drug cartels, and human traffickers.
With children being intimidated at school by the gang members to join the gangs or
else, with girls forced to be part of the gangs and getting rape                                                              
You can see why the parents would pay to get their children out of the country
with one of the highest murder rates of any in the world. Well folks lets follow
the money, just like criminals everywhere, they have figured another way to make illegal
money. Help plant stories in the news that all children that make it across the US border
can stay. All the above is true and all the children that do make it here are the lucky one,
because many have been abused and killed on the way here. As children flood one part
of the border drugs coming in at another part of the boarder, Mexican officials are
taking bribes and helping to vacillate the travel through there country to our border. So
there are many mothers with small children, but there are also few families, husbands
and wife's.There are many teens and many of them maybe gang members. And have
you noticed that once again its the faith based communities that have come to the aid of
the children, volunteering their time and money. Unlike some far left groups who are giving
lip service to this problem by saying let them all stay. Well the children will not be in their
towns or their schools and you will not find any of these people down on the border
helping out. And if you think your political party will gain votes in the future, if you let these
people stay, then you should also take credit for all the the dead and abused children
left some where in the desert in shallow graves so you can keep your jobs in congress
or the senate. Its time we stop giving money to all these countries around the world,
we'er are not buying friends, you don't pay people to be your friend. Now if you what
to stop a lot of this stuff from going on, it can be done and it won't cost us a thin dime,
just stop using drugs, stop getting high, stop snorting stuff up your nose, stop sticking
needles in your arm, stop popping pills. So all you drug takers and
drug dealers along with the politicians can count your money over the bodies of dead
children because you all now own this. Here's an idea, and its all voluntary, all the
people who came from these countries and had the good life since coming here should
volunteer to go back to there country of origin and change that government so the
people there could also have a good life without coming here.

Bruce Knipp  


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Paying Attention

If your looking for answers to what's wrong with the politicians in Washington D.C.
I would suggest looking at us, you and me, and all the generations that came before us.
You see we weren't  pay attention, we had our own life's to live, jobs
to go to, families to take care of, kids to raise, we elected people we thought would
represent us, after all, they were Americans just like us, right.
And then we went on about our business cause politics was kind of boring
and we didn't really understand much of it anyway. And that person you voted for
to represent you, well they really just represented themselves and their political party.
Think of political parties as trade unions, like the teachers union the A.F.T. the
union represents the teachers, not the children, because the children don't pay dues.
Political parties represent congressmen, not us, its all about them and the money.

Lets look at a few things they have been doing that's ether illegal, unethical or just
plain corrupt. Over half the congress are millionaires, nothing wrong with being  
a millionaire, unless their enriching themselves with legislation that favors there stock
portfolios. Some congressmen have there stocks in blind trusts  
others don't, and the ones that do, well their not that blind. So how do you
think a congressman will vote say on the XL pipeline if he as stock in a competing
company to that pipeline.
Sometime ago 60 minutes did a piece on insider trading in congress
where members of certain committees could trade on advanced information
that the public could not, in fact if you did, you could go to jail, but not them. So they
changed the law so it couldn't happen, but they put a loophole in the bill that made it
worse then it was before, these people just love power and your money.
Then theirs this little thing called back door bribery, oh you're going to love this one.
There are about 44 congressmen and senators who have retired over a couple of
years who now have or had jobs with firms and companies they helped out
by slipping in a loophole in a bill that helps a company or firm in someway. This secret
deal between the company and the congressmen is when he/she retires they become
lobbyists for that company for at least a million dollars a year, nice work if you can get it.      

I just ran across this little gem a few days ago. Congress and their staffs have to
have Obama care and the government is paying a big subsidy to help them out, bad
enough, because you don't get that kind of subsidy. But here's the kicker, the weasels
put this in a bill that says when a member retires he/she can opt out of Obama care and
go back to their former insurance, do you think you can opt out when you retire,
somehow I don't think so. First they tried to except themselves from this law, and when
that didn't work they quietly slipped in this loophole. Now the thing that really burns me 
up about this is not one of these clowns stood up and said anything about it. Democrats 
who voted for Obama care or Republicans who appose it, why, because its all about 
them, nothing unethical here right.
Its time to elect people who will vote for team limits, and hold them to it. Team limits
won't happen over night, it will take time, time to replace the old guard, will team limits
solve all the problems, no, but it will go a long way to help. Team limits and us paying
attention to what's going on, we just got to start paying attention.

Bruce Knipp        

Monday, February 3, 2014

Political Parties

In 1796 George Washington gave his now famous farewell address to the nation.
Part of his address was about political parties, Washington was the only President
who had no party affiliation and thought political parties should not be encouraged
and spoke-out against them in the strongest of terms.
From 1774 to 1789 fifty five men of the Continental Congress wrote three major
documents, The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation and
The U.S. Constitution, all done without a political party in site, their wasn't a
elephant or donkey anywhere in the room. That's not to say the members didn't
argued with each other, but it seems they did it with class. Some will say they used
the art of compromise. I tend to think they used the power of ideas, taking parts of
many ideas from many members and putting them together to come up with a
consensus, for they new their was more then one right answer.
Unlike today, where Democrats and Republicans rarely talk to each other
and rarely have any ideas worth talking about. Today its all about money, how much
money a member can raise for themselves and their party, those who raise the most for
their party get to serve on major Congressional Committee's as a reward, for many its
has become a career. And we the people keep helping them out by reelecting them over
and over again.
Unlike those in the Continental Congress who served for patriotism, who "Pledge to each
other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor".

Bruce Knipp


Been a lot of talk lately about fairness, so I thought I'd just
add my two cents into the conversation. So here it goes, Life Is
Not Fair, it's not supposed to be, what life is, is a challenge.
A set of obstacles to be overcome, some of us have enormous
difficulties to overcome, while others seem to just skate through
life with not a care in the world. A case of the grass being
greener on the other side. Fairness in life doesn't exist, it's
against the laws of nature.
Now some in government talk about try to legislate fairness.
Try as you may, you can not legislate fairness, because it can't
be done for long, sooner or later it will revert back to the laws
of nature. Life is not fair, deal with it.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Overview Effect

How do you describe something that only 500 people in the would have ever seen.
Oh we have pictures of it, and video's of it, but you just can't get the full extent of it
unless you seen it in person. Even those who have seen it have a hard time describing
there feelings about it, it's almost a religious experiences, and for some, it is. So what
am I talking about, its called "the overview effect" and the 500 people who have seen
it are called astronauts and cosmonauts, all the people who have been to the space
station. Its seeing earth from space, its seeing this magnificent blue and white ball
hanging against the blackness of space. A sense of separation and oneness at the  
same time, they say that the planet seams to be a living organism with its own beat  
that we're all apart of. A sunrise every 90 minutes, at night the lights from cities all
around the world, the aurora borealis, and lighting storms from the tops of clouds at
night that look like fireworks. A world without any visible borders, and the thing
they all talk about is the paper thin atmosphere that surrounds the earth that keeps
us all alive, and just how fragile the earth looks from their vantage point. Soon
private aero space companies will be taking people into space, so the overview effect
will be seen and felt by many more people. And just maybe in someway it will change
the world, hopefully for the better. I would recommend to all that are interested in
seeing more about the overview effect, just put the words overview effect into a search
engine were you will fine a video of about 19 minutes long. As those that have been
there try to explain their feelings about the overview effect.

                    Bruce Knipp


Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Legend Of Arlington Ridge

The Legend Of Arlington Ridge

Its has been said that ever since the dedication,
Of the Iwo Jima Memorial on Arlington Ridge,
A ceremony takes place each morning
In the hours just before dawn.
As a low, knee-high ground fog
Sweeps across the Ridge in the cool morning air,
A band is heard playing the "Marines Hymn".
From an unknown distance and very low at first,
The music becomes increasingly louder.
Yet, no band is ever seen.
It is then said,
That out of the tree line of Arlington Cemetery,
A company of Marines clad in dress blues appears from the mist,
Marching through the ground fog toward the Memorial.
Flags at the head of the column stand straight out,
Snapping in the wind, yet not even the slightest breeze is felt.
The Marines march to the Memorial in perfect cadence,
While no orders are heard by those who witness this event.
Like "The Silent Drill Team",
the Marines execute each move in flawless synchrony.
As they reach the Memorial,
They suddenly halt, right face, and "order arms"
As the lights from the monument
Ricochet off of their fixed bayonets.
The Marines possess an eerie transparency
That sends shivers down the spines of onlookers,
Yet there is no fear.
In fact, a feeling of pride and honor
Sweeps over those who gaze upon the apparition.
Four Marines ceremoniously step out from the ranks
And lay a wreath of red and white roses at the base of the Monument.
It is believed that these four men
Are Sgt. Michael Strank, Cpl. Ira Hayes, Cpl. Rene Gagnon,
(three of the six flag raisers on Iwo Jima),
And Medal of Honor winner John Basilone.
Strank and Basilone were killed
On that hellish black sand island in 1945
While Gagnon and Hayes were destined to relive that fateful day
Until mercifully relieved them of their posts.
Two buglers are heard playing "Echo Taps",
But once again, there are no buglers in sight.
The ceremonies conclude just before the break of dawn
As the Marines come to right shoulder arms, right face,
And silently march back to Arlington Cemetery.
It is said that they are from all eras of Marines buried in Arlington,
And they are charged with guarding their Memorial
And the honor for which it stands.
All of this may be difficult for some to believe,
But legends are, after all, only legends.
Yet, ask any Marine if they believe the legend,
That Marines guard the gates of heaven
And see what they say.
The "Legend of Arlington Ridge",
Is no more than the belief in honor.
Marines live it every day of their lives.
Honor is what we were taught when entering the Corps;
Honor is what we took when we left.
Throughout life and beyond,
It is our most cherished possession.

©2001 - L/Cpl Bruce Knipp