Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Death By Suicide

This is a short note on a subject I don't talk about much, but I thought it might
help some people who are thinking life is not worth living anymore. Who are
now considering the murdering of ones self, also known as suicide. On average
there are 105 suicides a day in the U.S. that's one every 12.1 minutes, 22 of
that number are veterans. There are only two groups of people who understand
suicide, those who tried and failed, and those who were family of those who
succeeded, I belong to the family members group.
So I can tell you this, if you know someone who said there thinking about suicide
please take them at there word, for they are in pain and will in time succeed or
fail to end there lives without some kind of intervention. I will tell you this, if you
truly think by pulling the plug on your life, will end your depression and pain,
your wrong What if your depression and pain does not end with your death, but
its with you for eternity. I know some people think that this is there life to do with
what they want, there wrong, they did not create there own life's, it was a gift and
not there's to throw away. There much to valuable to God, to themselves and there
families to end this life by there own hand.       

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Just Say No

In 1982 Nancy Reagan started a campaign to stop children from getting invalid with drugs.
The campaign was called (just say no) seems a little simple for such a complex problem,
but it actually had good results across the country. If you think about it, its much simpler
to stop children from doing drugs, then it is after they become addicted to drugs. Being
young they tend to listen to there pears, and there pears, have no clue.
Some kids will be talked into trying drugs for the first time, and from that day be hooked.
Then some will try drugs and never get hooked, they will be able to walk away, but here's
the point, know one knows who will become addicted and who won't, it's a crap shoot with
the rest of your life.

Its a small two letter word that has a powerful meaning, NO, (just say no) Maybe the just say
no campaign should be reactivated. I know its an old program, and some might say its time
has passed, but look where we are today, New Hampshire, small state, small population, with
a huge drug problem. We need places and treatment centers for people who are addicted, we
need to make it cost effective because treatment is expensive. So much better not to start
because life is short and you have better things to do, then rehab.

Friday, October 30, 2015

The Battle Of Belleau Wood

On June 1st 1918 the US 2nd division formed a line across the road which lead
Paris, with the Marine Brigade in the center. The next day the Germans attacked,
the Germans attacked for three more days. Then on June 6 the 2nd division counter-
attacked. The Marines would cross a wheat field to get into the woods, on that first
day they lost one thousand Marines dead of wounded. It would take three weeks to
take the woods. Below is a reenactment of that first day.
On the 11 month on the 11 day at the 11 hour the first world war would end, this is
dedicated to those who died in that war.

                    Below is a video that shows the cemetery and the cost of that battle.

And of course Nov 10 is the Marine Corps Birthday. This year we're 240 years old


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My YouTube Videos

About six years ago I put up eight video on YouTube and over the years the
total of views slowly climbed to 24,806 views for all eight videos combined.
The video are Marine Corps and other services related like the Glass Wall in
Jacksonville NC and the Wall in DC both walls honoring Vietnam Vets.So I
thought I would put up the YouTube site and If You have time you could watch
them, the longest is about 9 mins and the shortest is just over a min. The last
Video has the highest number of views over 13,734 and is tops in its category
and was the first video I made titled Eagle, Globe and Anchor.         

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Building America

In the years just before 1825 all the ground work had been done, the engineering
plains, the survey maps were finish the funding was set and now it was time to
hire a thousand strong men to dig a ditch. OK, it was a canal, but until it had
water in it and boats on it, its a ditch. And this ditch would run for one hundred
and two miles and they would do it with picks and shovel, axes and saws, mules
and horses, muscle and sweat, and a lot of whiskey, so the story goes. In 1831
the Morris Canal was finished, it ran from the Delaware River to Newark N.J.
It went from being a ditch to a canal, and it would last for one hundred years.

In the same vain in 1863 two crews of men would lay track to link the country
together as they built the transcontinental railroad. In the west they had a hard time
finding good workers, so they hired Chinese who in time would be 80% of the work
force. When asked why the Chinese management said they work hard, they don't get
drunk and walk off the job, and if they can build the great wall of China, they can
build a railroad. In the east many of the men were Irish and German immigrants and
some Civil war Vets. And they did it with shovels, sludge hammers, pickaxes and
muscle and sweat. These were the blue collar boys, they built canals and railroads,
walked the high steel on skyscraper, built dams and bridges and road all over this
country. I don't know if they thought they were building America or not, but at some-
time in the future they could look upon there work with there grand-kids at there side
and say, grandpa helped build that.    


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Political Correct Police

Who are these people who claim to be the political correct police, I want there names,
I want to see there IDs. Who voted these people into an nonexistent office, and why
does the media give them any airtime or paper space? These people are a very small
minority of the far, far left winger not associated with any political party, except the
party of chaos. It seems to be there job to spread division across this land. I for one
am so tired of listening to all the nonsense.
When Pictures from Dylann Roof website was seen by the public, showing him
holding a Confederate flag, the PC police jumped all over it as a symbol of
racism in this country. Then it took on a life of it''s own, Confederate flags were
being band  by Walmart in their stores, the TV show The Dukes of Hazard is taken
off the air because it had a Confederate flag painted on the roof of the car. A call went
out to take down all Confederate flags at all southern state capitals if they fly one.
Now it spread to lets take down all statues of southern Civil War hero's and even
renaming streets. So what could be next for the PC police, lets see, maybe the Texas
State flag as being racist toward Mexicans? I'm not saying that their aren't strong
feelings on both sides of this issue, but what we need is a civil dialog between
apposing parties, with out the PC police working the issue into a frenzy, because that's
what they do. As for myself, and being from the north, I see a war that should have
never been fought, where we lost six hundred and twenty thousand Americans killed,
four hundred and seventy six thousand wounded. So let me ask you a question, what if
Dylann Roof was not holding a Confederate flag, instead he was holding a rainbow flag,
just a thought.