Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Your Information

So we have found out that our phones calls and our emails have been secretly
gathered and stored in a building in Utah for safe keeping, and for how long,
we do not no. For some it's a breach of the 4th amendment, for others it's the
mentality, what ever keeps us safe, I have nothing to hide.
But if Edward Snowden was able to hack it from the inside, what makes you
think someone else couldn't do the same thing from the outside?
Anyway it seems to me that we have cast a large fishing net, when a fishing 
pole just might have done the trick. Technology is like a double edged sword,
it can be used for good or bad depending on who is using it.

So do you think its just your phone calls and Internet activities are the only
bits of information that is being collected? Think again! How about your
DNA, did you know that every baby born in a hospital has their DNA taken
in America.


Remember I said information and technology being a double edge sword, well
theirs a lot of good you can learn from your DNA, but theirs a lot of bad that
someone can get from it to. If you are arrested for almost any crime, even if you
are found not guilty, you will have your DNA taken at the time of your arrest
and it will be placed into a government data bank, and of course no one could
hack into a government computer, right.
See the picture above of a DNA profile, their are companies out their that will
send you a kit to take your own DNA then send it back to them so they can make
a picture of your DNA and send a large picture back to you to put on your wall.
That might not be a good idea, but then its your DNA so its up to you, I'd just ask
are they holding a copy and maybe selling it to a drug company, who knows.
Well my advice to any of you is this, information is power and or money or both
and if their is a buck to by made off you by getting a hold of your info then some
one will try. One thing to remember is that your DNA is everywhere.