Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Corruption, drugs fuel border crisis

As thousands of children come streaming across our southern border from Honduras,
Guatemala and El Salvador many of our citizens are asking why is this happening?
The short answer is those three countries are not really countries anymore, there
just criminal enterprises masquerading themselves as governments who are in
competition with gangs like "maras"-18, MS-13, drug cartels, and human traffickers.
With children being intimidated at school by the gang members to join the gangs or
else, with girls forced to be part of the gangs and getting rape                                                              
You can see why the parents would pay to get their children out of the country
with one of the highest murder rates of any in the world. Well folks lets follow
the money, just like criminals everywhere, they have figured another way to make illegal
money. Help plant stories in the news that all children that make it across the US border
can stay. All the above is true and all the children that do make it here are the lucky one,
because many have been abused and killed on the way here. As children flood one part
of the border drugs coming in at another part of the boarder, Mexican officials are
taking bribes and helping to vacillate the travel through there country to our border. So
there are many mothers with small children, but there are also few families, husbands
and wife's.There are many teens and many of them maybe gang members. And have
you noticed that once again its the faith based communities that have come to the aid of
the children, volunteering their time and money. Unlike some far left groups who are giving
lip service to this problem by saying let them all stay. Well the children will not be in their
towns or their schools and you will not find any of these people down on the border
helping out. And if you think your political party will gain votes in the future, if you let these
people stay, then you should also take credit for all the the dead and abused children
left some where in the desert in shallow graves so you can keep your jobs in congress
or the senate. Its time we stop giving money to all these countries around the world,
we'er are not buying friends, you don't pay people to be your friend. Now if you what
to stop a lot of this stuff from going on, it can be done and it won't cost us a thin dime,
just stop using drugs, stop getting high, stop snorting stuff up your nose, stop sticking
needles in your arm, stop popping pills. So all you drug takers and
drug dealers along with the politicians can count your money over the bodies of dead
children because you all now own this. Here's an idea, and its all voluntary, all the
people who came from these countries and had the good life since coming here should
volunteer to go back to there country of origin and change that government so the
people there could also have a good life without coming here.

Bruce Knipp