Saturday, October 6, 2012


I wrote this some years ago, we are now at the 30th year, and we still
remember October 23, 1983. For they came in peace.                                 

                                  THE MEMORIAL

Three wreaths now stand as a silent witness to Ceremonies that took
place here two days ago. Their many pedals softly falling to the
pavement, as the breeze slowly moves them across the ground to
destinations unknown. Two days ago this place was filled with memories
of the past, and grief for those two hundred and forty one men lost,
who's names appear on this wall of stone, for the vows been made to
never forget, October 23, 1983 when they perished in a far off land.
A sentry in bronze stands guard between the break in the wall a place
where flowers and other items show up every now and then, just to prove
they have not been forgotten, the Marines of 1/8 Beirut Lebanon, for

Bruce Knipp

This it a video I made at Memorial Park in Jacksonville, N.C which includes
Beirut Memorial, A beam from 9/11 and the Vietnam Glass Wall. My camera
work is a little jumpy do to a sticky tripod, so my apologies in advance. But if
you get down here, this is a place you should visit.