Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Drones Are Coming

When the human brain thinks of some sort of new technology it's not to long before it
starts to grow in leaps and bounds. In the 1920-30s remote controlled aircraft were
first being tested, which then opened up the hobby industry for remote controlled
planes and cars. But with the technology of using satellites the government as
taken the technology from the hobby industry to the military and the CIA, a kind
of remote assassination, killing the bad guys. So if we can do it, other country's
also have the same technology to do the something. A man was arrested last year
for planing to fly three drone in D.C. with C-4 on broad into the capital and other
spots in Washington. Now many police departments are starting to use them and
many people have some serious questions about their uses, some might say that
their just being overly curious. But lets us not forget that the government as done
in the past, many many illegal things in this country to our own citizens. And as
citizens we have to remain on guard to protect our rights. Now you be the judge,
watch this video and see how far you would let this technology go if you had a
say about it. And also many in the hobby industry think that the government will
now stop them from flying anymore model planes.