Saturday, May 25, 2013


ARLINGTON CEMETERY - A few hours after dawn's early light, when the grass is still wet from the morning dew - A brother is laid to rest..
Two buglers play "Echo Taps". The music seems to touch one's soul as it melancholy sound reaches out across the cemetery - like the rings in water after a stone as been thrown in - past head stones that have heard it a thousand times before. Yet they seem to weep from its vibrations as it passes by, as the wind gathers it up, and sends it out of the cemetery - past the tomb of the Unknowns - who know its melody all too well.
The wind softly moves it down to The Wall, where it lingers, slowly moving through the crowd of people gathered there. Gently it touches each name on its journey down the Wall - `til it gets to the last name - from the last day.
Its journey now complete, it slowly dissipates - leaving in its wake a feeling that you have been touched by some kind of grace, now buried deep inside your heart.
Its melody lingers long after the music's last notes - like the cries of angels, never-to-be-forgotten...

©2001 - Bruce Knipp

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Protecting There Turf

By now most of us have heard about the scandal involving the IRS and the conservative groups
with the names like Tea Party or patriot and
freedom in their titles who had applied for tax
exempt status. The IRS would single out these groups with these types of buzz words in there
title as conservative groups, and thus would
hold up their apps for all most two years while
other groups they thought not to be conservative
would get tax exempt status with in months. Why?
well there was a election coming and these groups
would appose the President and the Democratic
Party. So were these employees getting orders to
do so from the top? well we just do not no yet, but
lets look at this from another angle. Seven Democratic Senates
wrote letters to the IRS about
the tea party type Origination's and in doing so put
pressure on the IRS to hold up there tax exempt status so they could not organize.
So you may ask why would the IRS employees go alone with this, they went along
with it because in there eyes they were protecting there jobs & benefits, as we all
know the tea party types are for smaller government and less spending, and I feel
the IRS employees feel threatened that they may lose there jobs and especially
when there just aren't many good paying jobs in the private sector, you might say
they were protecting there turf. So it is my conclusion that if it were by design or
not, the democratic party had a lot to do with this. I for one do not believe that the
democrats think it was outrageous at all.

Bruce Knipp