Friday, October 18, 2013

Government Handouts

Millions of Americans are getting free stuff from the government, well it's free for them,
but not for you if you paying taxes. Is this helping the poor, or could this be buying votes.
Will this make people dependent or independent, reliant or self-reliant, or could we be
headed back to the welfare state that once was decades ago. Back when families were
on welfare for generations, with no hope and no jobs, and no incentives to work. On a
system that robbed people of there pride and self -esteem, it took away their dreams
of what they could have been, to what they have become, award of the welfare state,
just waiting for that next monthly check.

And so it seems the welfare state is back, stronger and more determined then ever. Its
goal, get as many people on government assistant as possible, and get the rich to pay
for it. All government programs for the poor are laced with fraud, so you are not just
paying for the programs, your also paying for the fraud and abuses to those programs.
To the government poverty and the poor are just a number, just how much income one
makes over a period of time. Others see it as a state of mind, your only poor if you
think your poor, they have friends and family and churches and other charitable
organizations to help them get on their feet. While the government handouts are for
the long term, with no foreseeable way out.

Bruce Knipp