Friday, February 10, 2012


                                       MY NAME IS E.G.A.
My name is Eagle Globe and Anchor, sometimes known as the E.G.A. I am
found in every state, city ,town or village in the country. I am found on some ring fingers and engraved on forearms in ink, I can be found on the front doors of homes and on the front yard flag poles just under the Stars and Stripes. I appear on cars and trucks, in back windows and bumpers,
trunk lids and tailgates, front grills and Lic.plates. I am found on book covers and posters, pictures and plaques hanging on walls. My likeness is found on necklaces and key chains tee shirts and jackets, hats, belt buckles and coats. You will find me in lesser known places that Marines know and others don't. Like the base of the flag pole at the Vietnam Memorial Wall, were I shine, because Marines from 8th and I polish me everyday, a new tradition is born. You will also find me on head stones spread across this land. But the place I shine brightest can not be seen, for it is in the hearts of everyman and woman who are known, as Marines.

Bruce Knipp