Saturday, February 4, 2012

Time To Let It Go


They come in the middle of the night, dreams from times long past,
filled with the ferocity and violence that men share in times of war. Your
transported back to a time you must remember, but try so desperately
hard to forget. Your brain says it's time to let it go, but your dreams don't
listen to your brain. And some nights, from the dark recesses of your mind
it replays the events from so long ago, like a video you have no 
control of, it plays back in the hours of your deepest sleep. It's not just
seeing the images, it's the sounds and smells of war, its reliving it all
over again. It seems that know one leaves the battlefield unscathed,
all leave a piece of themselves there, and in turn, a piece of there,
comes here.   

Bruce Knipp