Friday, March 2, 2012

The Title

The title Marine was not just bestowed upon anyone, you earned it, you had to want it deep down to obtain it. Once obtained, it can never be taken away. From that point on you are part of a brotherhood very few
can understand. Your dues were paid during active duty, your membership will never expire, it does not end with your honorable discharge, the title and brotherhood are forever.

The words honor,commitment and pride are still with you, for they are part of you. Fired in the furnaces
of boot camp, forged on the battlefields around the world. Passed on to those who would follow in your
footsteps, as the title moves down through the generations and the brotherhood lives on.

Never forget the title you now claim, was brought with blood, pain and death, wounds of the body and
wounds of the mind. The title comes at a high cost., it is not maintenance free, it comes with responsibilities.
Your honor or dishonor will reflect upon those that came before and after you. As it's said in the
Marines Hymn "to keep our honor clean we are proud to claim the title of United States Marines

Bruce Knipp