Sunday, June 17, 2012


If you go to the National Mall in Washington, D.C. you will find three National War
Memorials of the Twentieth Century. Each Memorial impressive in it's own right.
The WW2 Memorial, dedicated to the greatest generation, the twelve million who
served, and to the 400,000 who gave their last full measure.
The Korean War Memorial dedicated to the 54,246 who lost there lives. Sometimes
called the forgotten war.
And the Vietnam Memorial, a black granite wall with all the name of the lost, 58,000

But wait, we're missing one. How could we be missing a hole war? OK, I know there
is very few left that were alive then, and the last American Veteran from WW1 passed
away in 2011. But he spent the last years of his life trying to get a WW1 memorial
built on the Mall in D.C. America was only in the war for One Year 7 Months and 6 Days
but we lost 116,516 Americans. We need to honor the Veterans who fought that war
and those who never returned.