Saturday, November 24, 2012

When Disaster Strikes

Here are a couple of idea's that have been floated around in one form or another.
I just stumbled on to while surfing the web. The first is a website called "When
Disaster Strikes Send The Enterprise" The guy who has this website as never been
in the military, but his idea is that ships like the Enterprise are or will soon be put
into mothballs or sunk to make artificial reef, or used as live-fire targets.
So his idea is to use two aircraft carriers one on each coast to be able to respond to
disasters around the world, which the military does now, but it takes the Navy out
of its primary mission.
After reading his website I went back to the top and clicked on his blog and their I
found an idea someone gave him, not to use super carriers, but to use Amphibious
Assault Ships like the Nassau which as just been decommissioned which are more
cost affective. Disasters are always going to happen, and we could have used a
Amphibious Assault Ship off the coast of New Jersey and New York fitted out for
disaster relief.
So this is the website  but as I have already said
if you read it do not forget to go back to the top of the page and click on his blog.

Now here is the other part of an idea I came across Team Rubicon if you do not no
who they are, they are a large group of vets who respond to disasters all around the
the world. Right now their in N.J. and N.Y. helping people from hurricane sandy.
How Many times have I heard a vet say that they miss being in the Military, and
can't get back in, well this might be an answer, working with other vets.

So here the thing, how about putting these ideas together. I could go into a lot of
things on how to run a type of Private and Military Org. and how to run a ship
with active duty and reserves and retired or former military, how to off set the
cost of such a venture. The use of former helicopter pilots who would still like to
fly, but the military is cutting back, other org. such as the Red Cross and The
Salvation Army and others who could use these kind of ships. But their are people
out their with more brain power then I and could figure out the details.

Well anyway that is just some of the ideas we just might be able to use on how to
make this work.