Saturday, February 2, 2013


About a year ago, we the people found out that senior members of the congress
and the senate were doing a little insider trading on info they got before the
public, you and me. You see it was not illegal for them to do this, and know
one knows just who and how much money they made over the years this
practice was going on back to God knows when. So after this story came
out about a year ago, the rules where changed and the senate pass a bill that said
know member could trade on info they had or there families on the info that they
had access to. But the house bill did not have that in there bill so a members wife
could trade on the info, or family member. A CNN reporter notice the discrepancy
and brought it to there attention.  The congress said it was an over site
and said it was going to try to fix it, but since the bill was already signed by the
President, the bill might have to have the President sign it again.

So here's the point, many of Congress and the Senate senior membership have been
profiting off practices which were illegal for you and me, and if we did it we would
have gone to jail. In the past many former members of both houses have said the
something, there excuse was always the same. "Well you know we only get 174,000
dollars a year, and we have to maintain a house in my state one here in D.C. an office
in my home state air travel back and forward. OK, Ok, the message here is you owe
me, they think there entitled for working less hours less days then the rest of us, with
more money then most of us.

Like I said in my last post its time to vote them all out in 2014 congress is up for
election, all 435 of them, time to let them go and it doesn't matter which party they
belong to, they all got to go!