Sunday, April 28, 2013


To say the relationship is unique between two opposites is an
understatement. Like two pieces of steel fused together in the
furnaces of combat, they have forged an unbreakable bond.
The Fleet Marine Force Navy Corpsman who are trained to save
lives, working together with Marines who are trained to take
lives, each looking out for the other. The Corpsman job is to
patch up wounded Marines, in some cases they giving the worst
of the wounded, time, time to get on a medevac and to a doctor
an a operating room.

For some, their is nothing they can do, except hold a hand and
pray, and watch a life slowly slip away into the obis of war. The
thing about Corpsman is, they will go far past their job description
to just render first aid to the wounded, they have been known to
crawl out into no-mans land, beyond the wire, into a free fire zone,
through bullet and shell to get to a fallen Marine, they seem to be at
times just fearless about the danger around them in doing there job.
And now you know why all corpsman are called devil docs, and they
are the only service personnel that can wear two different uniforms if
they choose. This Bond as been around for decades, and so to the
respect, one for the other, and the chain remains unbroken.

Bruce Knipp