Monday, October 28, 2013

The First Amendment

The founding fathers of this nation thought that it was so important they put
it in the First Amendment of the Constitution, Freedom Of The Press. They are
the guardians of the Republic, defenders of the truth, champions for the people.
But it seems we the people, have been deceived and betrayed by some of the
guardians of our freedoms. The truth is the American people know that some of
the media is bias, and the media, well, they don't even try to hide it anymore.

And know where else is it more evident then in politics, where the press is the
power behind the throne, the king makers for the left of center candidate of their
choice. A media outlet can indorse a candidate which is fine, being in bed with
said candidate is not. May I remind you it's not your job to doctor video tapes,
report things out of context, or not to report stories at all like they never happened.
Or to report an untrue story and days later recant it on page 33, knowing it will
not be read by those who read the original article.

Hard news should not be about a reporters opinions, or a news papers opinions or
a TV news opinions. Each type of media as its own places for opinions and its their
where opinions should stay. The news media should not take money to print stories
from anyone, like foreign governments who what to look good to the American
people, or the C.I.A. or a candidate, which all have been done in the past.

In closing I'd like to say their are some very good reporters out there, and we the
people are counting on you to help us out by just telling the truth. Check your
facts and your sources have more then one source on a story. Then write, tell or
post the story, and do it without bias, and you will bring honor to yourself and
your profession, which has a great need for some honor right now.

Bruce Knipp