Friday, March 22, 2013

National Disgrace

We all known it for decades now, so we really shouldn't be surprised that the VA is
incompetent at best. At the worst their taking money to hold lavish conferences for
themselves, two years ago five million for a conference in Fl. and they had four
million in the kiddy for the next year until someone blow the whistle on them last
year. OK, here's the thing, we have an all volunteer military, kids just out of high
school putting their lives on the line because they believe in this country and what
it stands for. All vets were made a promise by this government to take care of them
if they got injured in the line of duty. So if we can't keep our word, then just maybe
we shouldn't be fighting anymore wars until we fix whats wrong with the VA. It
seems to me that if it wasn't for the private sector, veterans would be in worse shape
then they are now. A deal is a deal, and the VA needs to hold up their end, and if it's
going to cost us, the American people a ton of money, then so be it.
Check out this video on the VA.