Sunday, March 9, 2014

Paying Attention

If your looking for answers to what's wrong with the politicians in Washington D.C.
I would suggest looking at us, you and me, and all the generations that came before us.
You see we weren't  pay attention, we had our own life's to live, jobs
to go to, families to take care of, kids to raise, we elected people we thought would
represent us, after all, they were Americans just like us, right.
And then we went on about our business cause politics was kind of boring
and we didn't really understand much of it anyway. And that person you voted for
to represent you, well they really just represented themselves and their political party.
Think of political parties as trade unions, like the teachers union the A.F.T. the
union represents the teachers, not the children, because the children don't pay dues.
Political parties represent congressmen, not us, its all about them and the money.

Lets look at a few things they have been doing that's ether illegal, unethical or just
plain corrupt. Over half the congress are millionaires, nothing wrong with being  
a millionaire, unless their enriching themselves with legislation that favors there stock
portfolios. Some congressmen have there stocks in blind trusts  
others don't, and the ones that do, well their not that blind. So how do you
think a congressman will vote say on the XL pipeline if he as stock in a competing
company to that pipeline.
Sometime ago 60 minutes did a piece on insider trading in congress
where members of certain committees could trade on advanced information
that the public could not, in fact if you did, you could go to jail, but not them. So they
changed the law so it couldn't happen, but they put a loophole in the bill that made it
worse then it was before, these people just love power and your money.
Then theirs this little thing called back door bribery, oh you're going to love this one.
There are about 44 congressmen and senators who have retired over a couple of
years who now have or had jobs with firms and companies they helped out
by slipping in a loophole in a bill that helps a company or firm in someway. This secret
deal between the company and the congressmen is when he/she retires they become
lobbyists for that company for at least a million dollars a year, nice work if you can get it.      

I just ran across this little gem a few days ago. Congress and their staffs have to
have Obama care and the government is paying a big subsidy to help them out, bad
enough, because you don't get that kind of subsidy. But here's the kicker, the weasels
put this in a bill that says when a member retires he/she can opt out of Obama care and
go back to their former insurance, do you think you can opt out when you retire,
somehow I don't think so. First they tried to except themselves from this law, and when
that didn't work they quietly slipped in this loophole. Now the thing that really burns me 
up about this is not one of these clowns stood up and said anything about it. Democrats 
who voted for Obama care or Republicans who appose it, why, because its all about 
them, nothing unethical here right.
Its time to elect people who will vote for team limits, and hold them to it. Team limits
won't happen over night, it will take time, time to replace the old guard, will team limits
solve all the problems, no, but it will go a long way to help. Team limits and us paying
attention to what's going on, we just got to start paying attention.

Bruce Knipp