Thursday, July 9, 2015

Political Correct Police

Who are these people who claim to be the political correct police, I want there names,
I want to see there IDs. Who voted these people into an nonexistent office, and why
does the media give them any airtime or paper space? These people are a very small
minority of the far, far left winger not associated with any political party, except the
party of chaos. It seems to be there job to spread division across this land. I for one
am so tired of listening to all the nonsense.
When Pictures from Dylann Roof website was seen by the public, showing him
holding a Confederate flag, the PC police jumped all over it as a symbol of
racism in this country. Then it took on a life of it''s own, Confederate flags were
being band  by Walmart in their stores, the TV show The Dukes of Hazard is taken
off the air because it had a Confederate flag painted on the roof of the car. A call went
out to take down all Confederate flags at all southern state capitals if they fly one.
Now it spread to lets take down all statues of southern Civil War hero's and even
renaming streets. So what could be next for the PC police, lets see, maybe the Texas
State flag as being racist toward Mexicans? I'm not saying that their aren't strong
feelings on both sides of this issue, but what we need is a civil dialog between
apposing parties, with out the PC police working the issue into a frenzy, because that's
what they do. As for myself, and being from the north, I see a war that should have
never been fought, where we lost six hundred and twenty thousand Americans killed,
four hundred and seventy six thousand wounded. So let me ask you a question, what if
Dylann Roof was not holding a Confederate flag, instead he was holding a rainbow flag,
just a thought.