Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Death By Suicide

This is a short note on a subject I don't talk about much, but I thought it might
help some people who are thinking life is not worth living anymore. Who are
now considering the murdering of ones self, also known as suicide. On average
there are 105 suicides a day in the U.S. that's one every 12.1 minutes, 22 of
that number are veterans. There are only two groups of people who understand
suicide, those who tried and failed, and those who were family of those who
succeeded, I belong to the family members group.
So I can tell you this, if you know someone who said there thinking about suicide
please take them at there word, for they are in pain and will in time succeed or
fail to end there lives without some kind of intervention. I will tell you this, if you
truly think by pulling the plug on your life, will end your depression and pain,
your wrong What if your depression and pain does not end with your death, but
its with you for eternity. I know some people think that this is there life to do with
what they want, there wrong, they did not create there own life's, it was a gift and
not there's to throw away. There much to valuable to God, to themselves and there
families to end this life by there own hand.       

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Just Say No

In 1982 Nancy Reagan started a campaign to stop children from getting invalid with drugs.
The campaign was called (just say no) seems a little simple for such a complex problem,
but it actually had good results across the country. If you think about it, its much simpler
to stop children from doing drugs, then it is after they become addicted to drugs. Being
young they tend to listen to there pears, and there pears, have no clue.
Some kids will be talked into trying drugs for the first time, and from that day be hooked.
Then some will try drugs and never get hooked, they will be able to walk away, but here's
the point, know one knows who will become addicted and who won't, it's a crap shoot with
the rest of your life.

Its a small two letter word that has a powerful meaning, NO, (just say no) Maybe the just say
no campaign should be reactivated. I know its an old program, and some might say its time
has passed, but look where we are today, New Hampshire, small state, small population, with
a huge drug problem. We need places and treatment centers for people who are addicted, we
need to make it cost effective because treatment is expensive. So much better not to start
because life is short and you have better things to do, then rehab.